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Thanks to the dedication and generosity of Thomas Marsh's son Vic, Sgt Marsh's Memoirs are now published on this site. These are a work in progress, as Vic along with others is still checking some parts of the content for accuracy.


In order to make reading on the screen easier, some formatting changes have been made from the original document which Vic holds.

You will find navigation links at the bottom of each page.

For those who wish to download a copy and print it, a Portable Document Format (PDF) copy is available. The size is 600 kilobytes. There may be minor changes between the web copy and the PDF copy. You will need to install the PDF Reader to read and print the document.


Table of Contents:

Introduction by Tom Marsh Sr.
Explanation and Apology
Tom Marsh - Chapter 1 - Off to War
Tom Marsh - Chapter 2 - Hong Kong
Tom Marsh - Chapter 3 - The Japs Attack
Tom Marsh - Chapter 4 - War in Earnest
Tom Marsh - Chapter 5 - Prisoner of War
Tom Marsh - Chapter 6 - The Seven Mile March
Tom Marsh - Chapter 7 - Prison Break
Tom Marsh - Chapter 8 - Japan
Tom Marsh - Chapter 9 - Radishes and Soap
Tom Marsh - Chapter 10 - Take A Bow
Tom Marsh - Chapter 11 - The Other Sex
Tom Marsh - Chapter 12 - Jap Stupidity
Tom Marsh - Chapter 13 - Attitude of Prisoners
Tom Marsh - Chapter 14 - The Ghost of Christmas at Yokohama
Tom Marsh - Chapter 15 - Collaboration With The Enemy
Tom Marsh - Chapter 16 - Give Us Our Daily Bread
Tom Marsh - Chapter 17 - Slaphappy Japs
Tom Marsh - Chapter 18 - Americans Bomb Yokohama
Tom Marsh - Chapter 19 - Hospital Treatment
Tom Marsh - Chapter 20 - The Coal Mines of Sendai
Tom Marsh - Chapter 21 - Rumours of Peace
Tom Marsh - Chapter 22 - The Flag
Tom Marsh - Chapter 23 - Homeward Bound
Tom Marsh Memoirs - End Notes
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